Sébastien van Zundert

The MintPeers team is proud of the expansion of the team and welcomes Sébastien van Zundert as our Senior Advisor and investor. With great faith in the team, and as a long-time crypto-enthusiast and entrepreneur, Sébastien van Zundert has decided to apply his expertise, know-how and commitment to a supporting function within the MintPeers team.

His added value as an investor is clear and his added value as an advisor is born from the broad knowledge he possesses. For example, Van Zundert has extensive knowledge in the field of relationship management. In addition, Van Zundert carries a mineral dealer license with his company Amsterdam Minerals.

His broad orientation in business is fed with a dose of creativity that fits the team perfectly! We wholeheartedly welcome Sébastien van Zundert to the team, and have the utmost confidence in the value he brings to the table.