We have successfully concluded the private phase of the MintPeers ICO crowdsale with an overwhelming result. The MintPeers supporters and team have all been deeply involved in this first phase of this amazing project and we would like to thank everyone who has contributed so far!

What awaits us now?

The team has prepared the project for Phase 2 which is the first public sale. As of now, everyone is eligible to invest, there is no minimum or maximum pledge, and the current bonus is 26% which you receive automatically upon sending BNB to the crowdsale token address.

These are the key points for Phase 2 of the MintPeers ICO crowdsale:

  1. We disclose the investors of the private phase who will have a prominent role.
  2. We are going to announce which date the MPRS token will be listed.
  3. Lots more technological advancements will be disclosed!

We are pleased to see the amazing enthusiasm on the social media channels during Phase 1 and are overwhelmed by the result, ~90.000 followers on all social media channels combined! You can expect a major expansion of the team, followers and investors in the next couple of phases.

MintPeers is here to stay!